Awesome TV · April 26, 2019 · Hollywood, Movie Reviews, News · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

VENGERS-ENDGAME – I had only got a chance to see “AVENGERS – ENDGAME this past Sunday, since it has been sold out for past few days. So does the finale of this 10 year project with sequels hold up? To most extent it does, but I felt it was a bit too long. I will not give any spoiler alerts, or tell you any of the plot. But yes if you are a Marvel fan, then you have to go.

   The climax does hold its up for a good conclusion. I personally liked Thor and Hulk’s humor, which were my personal favorites. But whatever you say, you have to give credibility and screen time to most of these superheroes. The production and director deserve merit for that indeed. The film gets a 3 and a half star recommendation. Enjoy!!  Courtesy Awesome TV & BEING FILMY.

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