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Awesome TV · September 02, 2022 · Entertainment · 0 comments
By Awesome TV
Yohanna Edge is a Franco-polish Brazilian creative director, personal stylist/fashion Stylist and costume designer. As recognized expert, now based in New York, with over fifteen years of experience in the fashion industry will be one of the Judges for Awesome TV’s Awesome Top Model Hunt 22-23 on September 15th at G23NY in Meatpacking District, New York City!
While earning a degree from Duperre (Ecole Supérieure d’Art Appliqué) & La Sorbonne University in Paris, France.
In her decade-long career, Yohanna has solidified herself as one of the industries leading experts, both behind and in front of the camera, and has been commended for her work product and personal style.
After years in fashion editorial, Yohanna launched a freelance career focusing on editorial and commercial styling, music videos and red carpet. She collaborated with Gerard Depardieu on his stunning visual project, ‘Winter Frog’’ and also served as a personal stylist on ’Prestige International Magazine’ photo shoots. Alongside, she served as a contributing editor for Official Magazine’s, Elle, Cosmopolitan while also consulting and styling for brands such as Cartier, Microsoft, Guess, Wella and l’Oreal.
Her collaboration with the Guess’s Stylist gave her the breakthrough in her career that has then given her the exposure to collaborate with the famous photographers Hanspeter Schneider, Antoine Verglas, François Aloisi… Her editorial and artistic flair are now profoundly valued by international magazines.
Yohanna now works with brands, personalities, and publishers alike to create dynamic content for the media landscape, in film, television, and music on generational defining creative.
Yohanna’s prolific and extensive background allows her to cultivate and assemble a variety of creative looks, designs, and ideas molded together to transform any set into a uniquely crafted work of art.
Yohanna’s styling aesthetic is the perfect cocktail of sophisticated glamour, rock & roll, sex appeal, and cool edge fun. Surely her personality has alot to do with her success, but its her keen eye for fashion trends, and business knowledge that has brought her to where she is today.Helping emerging brands and designers to develop commercially and aesthetically across different international borders: USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia or Africa.

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