Awesome TV & Awesome Top Model would like to Welcome Designer Brand Pinkaari by Sonal Gadhavi

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*Awesome TV & Awesome Top Model would like to Welcome Designer Brand Pinkaari* by Sonal Gadhavi
Sonal Gadhavi is a New York-based Fashion designer. She is a graduate of the National Institute of Fashion Technology. She has been working with top-notch Fashion brands in New York City for over 15 years. She has won various Fashion & Community service awards and designed for numerous global celebrities. She is a global ambassador for India Khadi Fashion for her use of Khadi fabric.
Sonal serves as Art Commissioner of Woodbridge Township of New Jersey. She has curated various Textile & Handicraft exhibits with the mission of protecting and promoting rich heritage crafts for our future generations. She founded Soulful Creations World, an NJ-based nonprofit organization dedicated to the global, humanitarian art community and the use of art in service to others in need.
Sonal believes that fashion should be empowering and purposeful. She is the Founder of Pink Soul Designs LLC. Pink Soul Designs creates custom prints & gifts for small business owners and brands. It has a mission to create a colorful world with a strong commitment to creating a culture of inclusivity. It is open to the talents of all qualified individuals, including those with disabilities. Pink Soul Design also provides coaching to help individuals with special needs achieve career potential.
Sonal has created her signature brand “Pinkaari” inspired by rich Indian textiles & crafts. Pinkaari means strong women, it is a tribute to Woman Artisans. The brand’s mission is to help one build a thoughtful wardrobe with its innovative shopping model: you can shop pieces individually and build a custom timeless wardrobe that you’ll be wearing for years to come. “Pinkaari” clothing line is made using handcrafted textiles and vegetable dye. Every purchase you make at Pinkaari has the potential to bring about a positive impact on empowering the weaver community and our world. Be inspired to be our Change Maker!

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