CHAOS WALKING – Movie Review

Awesome TV · March 06, 2021 · Entertainment, Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

CHAOS WALKING – Finally a new sci-fi film now releases in theaters for 2021. “CHAOS WALKING” may be inspired by such previous films like, ” A Quiet Place”, “Terminal 9”, and “Interstellar”, where the story tells that Earth is almost at end of its cycle to hold human life, and where huge spacecrafts have been searching the solar system for a new place to live and settle down.

   A young lady astronaut who is the sole survivor of a mission, crash lands into this “New World”. Viola played by Daisy Ridley, is being hunted down in this place where only mostly men are populated, while the woman have been murdered by the alien habitants, and by ignorant men over there. She is being hunted. She now needs to return back to her mother ship to safety.

   It is up to young Peter Parker…oops I mean young Tom Holland to save the day. He has to take her to safety bu dodging all these dangerous men who want to destroy her. He can hear other men’s thoughts, and his thoughts cannot be hidden by this girl that he wishes to save and love. A very predictable sci-fi love story, but the concept and the chase entertains you.

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