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By Arun Sajnani

HELICOPTER EELA – If you have a nagging, overbearing mother who absolutely lives for you day in day out, and wants to know your whereabouts all the time, then you can relate to this movie. Actress Kajol is always amazing in the performance she gives. Kajol is full of life yet again.

   This time she is a young mother who sacrifices her playback singing career, to raise her son as a single parent, when her husband walks out on them. He fears that in his family tree, all men die at a young age, so he just leaves them all of the sudden one fine day. The film then goes to present day, when Eela, played by Kajol, sees that now her son is in college, and she feels it is high time to pursue her college degree that she never completed. So now we see a mother going to take classes at the same institution where her son goes, and that is when the sparks fly.

   The idea is interesting, but in the second half the film falters and has flaws where things could have been more resolved, and solutions could have been established between her estranged husband, who finally pops in years later to apologize, but still goes away. Her aspirations of her singing career still does not get to that point of achievement that she so longingly desired.

   This is all due to the poor execution from Director Pradeep Sarkar, of “Parineeta” & “Laga Mein Chunari Mein Daag” fame. No matter how good is the actor, if the story falters and gets slow, there is no hope for the concept to get better. The film could have been so much more, but fails because of that. The film gets a 2 star recommendation. Courtesy Awesome TV & BEING FILMY.

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