Kajol shares about her interaction with Venky’s mother Sujata

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By Pooja Nawathe
Kajol shares about her interaction with Venky’s mother Sujata. Read here:
In a conversation Kajol reveals that she met Venky’s mother Sujata. Talking about the conversation she shared,” Yes. It was not a difficult conversation as much as it was an intimidating conversation because when you meet her, there is this simplicity about her.
She is a simple woman with this amazing clarity that I will do whatever I can, but I will definitely try (to save my son).
Whether we succeed at it or not is a different thing, but her relationship with her son was the most amazing relationship because they only had each other. She had to be brave because she wanted him to be brave.
She couldn’t break down because, you know, he would break down and he could not break down because she would break down.
She only had one goal in her life that whatever he wants, she will give him.
Venky loved watching movies.
He loved to play chess. His dream was to play with Viswanathan Anand.
His idol was Arnold Schwarzenegger because he was in a wheelchair.
The disease we are talking about is Muscular Dystroph,y but there’s a different version of it called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which is fatal.
Salaam Venky starring Kajol has recently released in the movie theatre. The film is directed by Revathy and it also stars Vishal Jethwa in the prominent role.

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