Kajol was scared to sign film ‘Salaam Venky’, Know Why?

Awesome TV · December 10, 2022 · Entertainment · 0 comments
By Pooja Nawathe
Kajol was scared to sign film ‘Salaam Venky’, Know Why?. Read here:
In an exclusive conversation with Awesome TV When asked How do you deal with any sort of fear in your life or are you struggling with any at this point? On which Kajol shared,
“Of course, I think we struggle with fears every day. From the moment we get up, we fear something or the other but the whole point of our lives and growing up and maturity is that you have to work despite the fear.
Kajol further added saying,
“That’s what bravery is about, right?
Bravery is about not being scared, bravery is about what you need to do despite being scared and that’s what I really did with Salaam Venky.
I did the film despite the fact that I was scared.
I was scared about whether I would be able to do this film or not.
I was scared whether I would come on set and whether I would cry an ocean of tears and then I would just walk away and say, ‘It’s enough. I can’t shoot this.’
Yes, even that could have happened.
That was also a very valid fear, absolutely, an emotional state of mind, but despite that, you have to go on and continue.
You have to do the things that, I wouldn’t say, make you happy but at least keep you satisfied.”
Well, the film is finally out and you can witness Kajol’s awesome performance in the cinema halls near you.

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