LOVE AAJ KAL 2 – Movie Review

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By Arun Sajnani

LOVE AAJ KAL 2 -When relationships get affected by social pressures, parental interference, and career priorities, your “Love” will then take a back seat in life. Director Imtiaz Ali loves to tackle the theme of love that is lost, or that has hit a road block in most of his previous films. Like the previous “Love Aaj Kal” – the new episode in “LOVE AAJ KAL-2” shows the ups and downs of young millennial relationships from present 2020 and from 1990. Basically era’s have changed, but the pursuit of that special love, or the love that was lost will remain close to your heart.

   The film brings Kartik Aryan & Sara Ali Khan together for the first time, and they do share good chemistry together. However the film appears to become self indulgent by the director, and appears preachy also philosophical throughout the film. New find Anushi Sharma as the simple girl from Udaipur in the first story is sweet and innocent, yet her role is smaller then the story of Zoe, which takes place in the present.

   Zoe is played by Sara Ali Khan, whose character appears very judgemental, and is self absorbed, about her career, as an event planner. She gets influenced by other peoples heartbreaks, that it makes it difficult for her to move forward with her own love affair with the man she loves. There are many scenes that go back and forth, and gets to become a drag at times.

   Randeep Hooda as the Bar/Cafe owner appears as the wise man that has many of his sorrows and love stories to share. He is natural and gives a mature performance. But at times even his role reminds you of Shah Rukh Khan’s role as the psychiatrist in “Dear Zindagi”. As a result it takes away from the impact of the on/off relationship between Kartik & Sara. The film is a mixed bad of emotions, where “Love Aaj Kal-2” gets lost in translation, and it is not up to the mark of the Saif Ali Khan/Deepika Padukone version. The film gets a 2 and a half star recommendation. Courtesy Awesome TV & BEING FILMY.

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