Meet Harleen Sethi: A Strong Female Lead in a Male-Dominated Cop World

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Harleen Sethi

Harleen Sethi is captivating audiences with her latest role as Devika, a powerful and dynamic senior police officer, in a gripping new series on Disney+ Hotstar. Breaking stereotypes and leading power dynamics within her marriage, Devika commands respect both at home and in her professional life.

Devika embodies strength, wit, and resilience. Her husband, Karan (played by Gulshan Devaiah in a double role), adds intrigue to their relationship as a junior officer. In a pivotal moment from the recently launched trailer, Devika asserts her authority by commanding Karan to address her as “Ma’am.”

Reflecting on her role, Harleen shared, “This role is completely different from anything I have done before. It’s refreshing to see a woman call the shots in a male-dominated cop world. Devika is a ‘bad cop’ who proudly expresses her authority. She holds her own in the male-dominated police workforce, with an unwavering vision. Her bravery and resilience extend beyond her professional life, as she fights for her rights personally.”

The series, which also stars Anurag Kashyap and Saurabh Sachdeva, has already won hearts with its trailer. Harleen Sethi’s portrayal of Devika represents a woman in power, balancing her career and personal life with unwavering strength. “I thoroughly enjoyed being directed by Aditya Datt sir and working alongside such a talented cast. And the best part was I got to do action sequences, that’s always been a dream,” Harleen added.

With a powerful narrative and strong performances, the series promises to be a must-watch. Harleen Sethi’s role challenges traditional gender norms and offers a fresh perspective on the dynamics between a husband and wife in a modern, professional setting. As viewers eagerly await the series’ release, one thing is clear: Harleen Sethi’s portrayal of the sassy and formidable ‘bad cop’ will leave a lasting impact. 🌟

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