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By Arun Sajnani

MILE 22 – Security has been compromised on a Global level, codes for weapons of mass destruction is in the hands of wrong people, and it is up to undercover American operatives to seal the deal and end this sinister attack and deadly game that the Soviets and other countries like China are doing to the rest of the world.

   Actor Mark Wahlberg leads his crew to do the job and carry out the mission like ghosts. They must make sure the package and information gets safely transported out of China, within a 22 mile radius to the airfield.

   Director Peter Berg is exemplary with his fast paced direction that keeps your heart thumping. It is indeed brutal, and Iko Uwais martial arts action is wild and amazing.He is a must see as the next Bruce Lee.

   There are agents, double, and triple agents, that makes you go in a tailspin to decide, who is behind all this. “MILE 22” is like “Mission Impossible – Fallout” on “Red Bull”. It’s high on solid action and adrenaline. The film gets a 3 star recommendation. Courtesy Awesome TV & BEING FILMY

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