Poonam Pandey faking death
Poonam Pandey, a controversial actress, recently faked her death to spread awareness about cervical cancer. The news of her death went viral on social media, as she stayed silent for a day. She then reappeared on social media to talk about cervical cancer. However, her stunt backfired, as many celebrities and netizens slammed her for using such a distasteful and insensitive method to highlight an important cause. Gurpreet Singh: The news of Poonam Pandey’s staged death is unfortunate and concerning. It is ethically questionable to use false information, especially related to someone’s death, to raise awareness about cervical cancer. It undermines the seriousness of the issue and misuses the social media platform. The means to create awareness should be transparent and respectful. The incident also raises concerns about the credibility of news in the age of social media. It emphasises the need for responsible sharing and fact-checking. Staging one’s death for publicity is a drastic and insensitive measure. It may overshadow the genuine concerns surrounding the issue. Yashashri Masurkar: Poonam’s actions should be condemned, as they are playing with people’s emotions. I was shocked when I heard the news, and I am not even a fan. This has happened in […]
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