Mumbai, Maharashtra, November 8, 2023 – Abhijeet Srivastava, following the release of his EP “Fungeet,” has now unveiled another vibrant track in collaboration with IndieA Records titled “Buri Nazar,” featuring Aanchal Tyagi. This lively new song conveys the theme of safeguarding and cherishing one’s beloved. “Buri Nazar” uses its lyrics to express the desire to shield a loved one from negativity and prying eyes, with the catchy refrain, “Tumko buri si har nazar se bacha lu, Akhiyo me tumko lu chupa,” beautifully encapsulating the essence of this endearing love story. The music video embarks on a captivating journey of love and protection, narrating a heartfelt story that reflects the challenges and uncertainties of modern relationships. In a world of contemporary dating and “situationships,” the protagonist, Aanchal Tyagi, discovers solace and unwavering love in their cherished pet, a faithful companion who serves as their true love. As the story unfolds, the artist embarks on a mission to safeguard their beloved pet from the ominous influence of “Buri Nazar,” a superstitious concept representing the evil eye or negative energy. The video takes the audience on a visually striking and emotionally resonant voyage filled with symbolism and metaphors, illustrating the lengths people are […]
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