Katrina Kaif, the first female spy in the YRF Spy Universe, known as Zoya from the Tiger franchise, is a character meticulously crafted by Aditya Chopra to stand toe to toe with any male counterpart. She embodies a fierce, intelligent, and ruthless spy, excelling in action sequences. Throughout the Tiger film series, Katrina has made Zoya her own, and the creators have consistently elevated her character with each installment. The actress has relished executing awe-inspiring stunts and intense hand-to-hand combat scenes, setting new standards for female action heroes. In Tiger 3, Katrina takes the action to even greater heights, sharing that she underwent rigorous preparation for approximately 60 days to perform the larger-than-life action sequences. Katrina articulates, “Tiger 3 signifies that there are no limits to what a woman can achieve when it comes to safeguarding her family, nation, or humanity. Zoya’s character is crucial, showcasing that women can be both nurturers and fierce protectors. Zoya ranks among the most cherished roles in my career.” She adds, “I admire how she matches anyone with her determination and courage. She never shies away from a fight and can be as skilled, if not better, than a man in action! Zoya’s approach […]
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