Jaya Bhattacharya on the Changing Landscape of Bollywood

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Boman Irani Celebrated by Spiral Bound Students on Guru Purnima

Boman Irani will be wearing multiple hats for this project, serving as the director, writer, producer, and actor. The movie is slated for release on Amazon Prime Video.

Taapsee Pannu & Kanika Dhillon: A Winning Combination in Bollywood

The duo’s synergy and the promise of more path breaking films have everyone eagerly anticipating what’s next. Here’s to more memorable cinema from Taapsee and Kanika!

Dangal TV’s New Drama “Gehna Zevar Ya Zanjeer” Unveils a Captivating Tale of Love and Tradition

“‘Gehna Zevar Ya Zanjeer’ is a story that needed to be told. It delves into the harsh realities faced by many women while highlighting their strength and courage.