CHALAANG – Movie Review

Awesome TV · November 13, 2020 · Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

CHALAANG   Laga Mithi Pa Ke Mathey Pe Aur Le Chalaang” – (Put the dirt on your forehead and take the leap). The song is very apt for this new Luv Ranjan/Ajay Devgn production, where Hansal Mehta takes on the challenge to direct this wonderful sweet film about sportsmanship in “CHALAANG”

   Raj Kumar Rao, Nushrat Bharucha, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub, Saurabh Shukla, Ila Arun, and Satish Kaushik are all great performers in this film that is simple and will touch your heart. The film does remind you a bit of “Chak e India”, but mixed with a love story, it focuses on the theme of gratitude and team work to get to the top,. One must take on their job with passion and feel proud of their achievement for their own ,merits.

   On another level the film is so uplifting where it focuses on that students who may be weak in sports can become a topper if they focus from a good coach. Raj Kumar Rao plays a PT coach, who at first had no aim in life, until he gets motivated by his colleague teacher, and his true love, played by Nushrat Bharucha. Her inspiration is tough love that later blossoms to something that is poignant and concrete. Now this is a Diwali hit that is streaming for you on Amazon Prime.

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