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GEMINI MAN – Movie Review

Awesome TV · October 10, 2019 · Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

GEMINI MAN – Coming from Jerry Bruckheimer Production and Director Ang Lee, the expectations are high for this Will Smith biggie called, “GEMINI MAN”. Despite some critics panning the film, I personally enjoyed the film. The topic of Human Cloning sets the theme of this film.

   A trained Military assassin is close to retirement, and a private corporation called “GEMINI MAN” – funded by the U.S. Government wants him terminated and eliminated from the face of this earth. And to hunt him down they clone a younger version of him that is even more skilled, and is replaceable. But he lacks the truth of who he is, and does not seem to care or know on why is he compelled to achieve this mission.

   The concept, and the special effects are great, but the story gets a bit preachy, about self identity, and what is the purpose of one’s life. Despite that, the action is great, and Will Smith appears smooth and natural in his performance. This Ang Lee film does falter in the narrative, but overall the film entertains and gets a 3 star recommendation. Courtesy Awesome TV & Being Filmy.

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