HOUSEFULL 4 – Movie Review

Awesome TV · October 25, 2019 · Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

HOUSEFULL 4 – When it is a “Diwali” Release, a film like “HOUSEFULL 4” draws a “Housefull” audience, but this time the comedy on the theme of reincarnation tests the audiences patience. It is dry, and the screenplay appears weak. Like “Bahubali” – Rana Daggubati’s character that wants “BADLA” – (Revenge), makes me want to take “Badla” to this franchise.

    I wanted to laugh a lot, but I did not. The gags were far and few, and corny. Akshay Kumar puts his best foot forward in this franchise. He plays Harry, who lives in London, with his buddies played by Ritesh Deshmukh & Bobby Deol. He has these flashes and nightmares of him and all being born 600 years ago. Akshay, plays a baldy Prince, named Bala, who has been thrown out of his kingdom by his father. In order to get back his status he needs to marry a Princess from another kingdom to get his throne, and be a King. When he realizes in present time he has made mistakes, and is marrying the wrong sister of the three, he tries his best to make all his gang persuaded, by telling them that they were all reincarnated too, This is all thanks to “Akhri Pasta”, played by Chunky Pandey.

   The film is time pass, and average, with few funny scenes that come in intervals. The comedy of errors treatment falls flat in this chapter. The highlight for me is actually Rana Daggubati’s role as a Ghazal singer, with his “SA RE GA MA” that is the most hilarious scene at the wedding. There are funny scenes, but not enough to hold up this 4th installment.The film gets only 2 and a half stars. Enjoy!! Courtesy Awesome TV & Being Filmy.

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