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IN THE HEIGHTS – Movie Review

Awesome TV · June 11, 2021 · Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

IN THE HEIGHTS – What a refreshingly satisfying film to watch. From the beginning to the end – “IN THE HEIGHTS”, which is now running in theaters and streaming on HBO MAX is a musical that depicts Latino culture in Washington Heights, in Manhattan NYC.  It is uplifting, touching and engaging with a host of several talented characters.

   The story takes place 3 days before a blackout during a hot summer month. Coming from director of “Crazy Rich Asians” – Jon M. Chu, and the Producer and creative consultant, Lin – Manuel Miranda. shows you the many facets of how a middle- class neighborhood, or rather a community that can stick and be able to support each other through the hard times of routine life.

   You see the familiar bodega at the corner. the food, the salon next door. You see everyone, young or old, have a dream to be better in life. and if they can be able to follow their aspirations as well. Its about young love. Its about a father who wants his daughter to graduate from an Ivy league school, and make a dent of making an identity for their minority, without any prejudices.

   All this is just the underlying theme of the film. Then to top it off, you have amazing music, choreography, with great visual direction with detail to the setting of the neighborhood. Put it this way its worth watching twice.

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