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By Arun Sajnani,

JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION – Never mess with evolution, and when science tampers with cloning the DNA of a Dinosaur, you are creating a big mess. Now the Jurassic series finally comes to an end. In the final installment – “JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION”, depicts a scientific company located in Italy, is where experiments & cloning, are still happening, where many kinds of these creatures roam freely in a remote island there.     Humans now have to find a way to live together in arms way of each other. But the Science Lab organization want further their experiments to reconstruct the DNA and control the supply of the food chain in the world, by creating these hug gross locust that destroy local far, crops throughout the world. 

    It is up to Chris Pratt and the new crew along with the original cast like, Laura Dern, Sam Neil, & Jeff Goldblum to unite and create a re-hash of the original, and mix up some themes from the first 3 episodes into this one. I personally felt the “WOW” factor was missing, and the film was slow to watch. Something was missing for me in this Dominion.

Bhajirao Mastani”,”Kesari” and “Padmavat”, but despite having said that, “SAMRAT PRITHVIRAJ” holds its own presence for the Big Screen” 

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