“Mohabbat Hai”: Experiencing Love and Romance with Preet Dutta

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Preet Dutta

Preet Dutta, the talented actress, recently graced the music scene with her soulful rendition of the song “Mohabbat Hai.” Released on a Friday, this melodious track has already piqued the curiosity of audiences, leaving them eager for more.

For Preet, being part of “Mohabbat Hai” was more than just another project—it was an emotional voyage. She shares, “I feel great being a part of ‘Mohabbat Hai.’ It was a wonderful experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed working on the project. As an emotional person, I find joy in expressing my feelings through songs. So working on a love song is both an emotional and romantic journey for me.”

“Love, to me, is a beautiful thing,” Preet reflects. “When it happens at the right time with the right person, it becomes truly special. Love adds depth, beauty, and meaning to life.” Her heartfelt connection to the theme of love shines through in her performance.

The song’s visual magic owes much to the talented director, Mohit Kapoor. Preet praises him, saying, “It was fantastic working with Mohit. He is a cool and supportive person, creating an enjoyable work environment. Our collaboration was seamless, and his positive attitude enhanced the overall experience.”

Preet’s journey during the song’s shoot was equally enchanting. “There were no problems,” she shares. “I had a fantastic time working on it. The song’s melody and storyline added to its overall charm.” Her dedication and passion resonate in every frame.

As “Mohabbat Hai” continues to weave its magic, Preet Dutta’s emotional connection to the project promises an unforgettable musical experience for listeners.

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