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By Arun Sajnani

MRS. SERIAL KILLER – As you all know Bollywood films are slowly coming onto sites like NETFLIX for example, and during this “Lockdown Pandemic” period, it is time to enjoy watching latest films and web series directly on these sites.

   But if a film like “MRS. SERIAL KILLER”, that comes out for us to watch, then it becomes a nightmare of “PANDEMIC” proportions. Debutant director Shrish Kunder, should stay away from this craft. The film appears to be a bizarre psycho thriller, where the film gets weirder and weirder till the end. First of all horrible acting by Manoj – “Family Man” Bajpai. Such talent is being destroyed. As for Jacqueline Fernandez, by now improve your Hindi diction, and your expressionless performance. How much can your beauty take you forward??. Trust me I feel bad saying that.

   It is a strange story about a wife whose husband is a Gynecologist. He has been arrested for the killings of unmarried pregnant woman. She claims he is innocent. She goes to a lawyer, played by Darshan Jariwala. His advice is to be a decoy, and become a murderer next. This will prove in court that the killer is at large, and he will be free on bail.

   Wait there is more. There is third angle of a jilted lover police officer that has been scorned by “Mrs. Killer Fernandez”, played by Mohit Raina. Towards the end Jacqueline Fernandez finds out her husband is actually a psychotic killer, and the rest you can watch to find out what happens… or skip this hard to digest crap of a film. I am giving it only a half star, for Mohit Raina. – Please NETFLIX – bring us only good content films, while we are at home this year!!! Courtesy – Awesome TV & Being Filmy

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