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By Arun Sajnani

PETTA – Superstar Rajnikanth and his swag is back in this Tamil Blockbuster with a motto that he says to his family. – “Be nice…but too nice..”. The film is a South Indian Masala film that is entertaining, and loud at times. Like many other Tamil films, the film has a story within a story, within another story. You could say you are getting 3 movies, or 3 stories for the price of one.

   Basically Rajnikanth plays a vigilante who becomes a school warden, who has come to clean and discipline the rowdy gangs that bother its boys at this hostel, Uttar Pradesh, India. But that is just tip of the iceberg.

   There is much more. The film deals with inter-cast marriage between Hindu and Muslim, and how he stood by his family to allow it, since he himself was an orphan. As usual opposition prevails, and things get complicated. Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays Shingaar Singh, who is a vengeful and is a prejudice person, who wants his sisters family finished, since she married outside her religion. He kills off his sister husband, who happens to be “Petta’s” brother, and at the same time he loses his wife and child as well.

   The film is a potboiler indeed, but the way it has been handled will entertain you. There is much more to the story, but I rather you go an see it, especiaily for the “Thalaiyva Superstar Rajni” – “PETTA” – gets a 3 star recommendation. Courtesy Awesome TV & BEING FILMY.

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