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Awesome TV · June 14, 2019 · Hollywood, Movie Reviews, News · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

SHAFT – Get ready Samuel Jackson fans for some family bonding this time in the sequel called, ‘SHAFT”. This reboot, and sequel comes over 2 decades later. The film is a predictable affair.

   This time, the story reunites investigator “John Shaft”, with his long lost son, who needs his help to solve a case that is very dear and personal to him. Coming form a family that is separated, now gets reunited by solving a murder case of his son’s best friend, who got murdered in New York.

   The film is predictable, and has nothing new to offer. But if you like Jackson’s swag and style, with a penchant foul mouth, then you may enjoy it. The film was a let down for me, and it was a average affair. The film gets a 2 star recommendation.  Courtesy Awesome TV & BEING FILMY.

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