Anjali Phougat
Anjali Phougat is a successful fashion designer who travels the world for her work. But she never compromises on her family time, especially with her daughter. In this article, she shares how she manages her busy schedule and what keeps her motivated. Anjali Phougat is not your average fashion designer. She is a globetrotter who has to juggle multiple projects, teams, and events. She is also a proud mom to a beautiful and talented daughter. How does she do it all? “Time management is a key,” she says. “I travel a lot for my shows, my garment production, for pre-production, meeting my team. I have teams from all over the USA. When we have team meetings, after parties, and discussions, we do some of the work we can do via Zoom calls, but mostly a lot of travel is essential. I travel seven or eight times a month, and I make sure to manage this time well.” But she doesn’t do it alone. She has a huge team that supports her vision and helps her execute her plans. “It’s not a one-man show. My manager, he’s very good at planning things out. We plan things and we block our calendar,” […]
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