Awesome TV · May 23, 2019 · Hollywood, Movie Reviews, News · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

ALADDIN – Director Guy Ritchie making a Disney film…whoa….now that is quite odd. The film brings the animated story to life with some weak CGI effects, but despite that, and the mixed bag of emotions that I felt, when I saw this film, it is indeed the second half of the film that entertains. Will Smith as the Genie is perfect for the role. But I do wish we could see him much more, since he only comes into the film around half way.

   The theme of being yourself and being honest to the one you love, is essence of this film. The fantasy of the “Magic Carpet Ride”, and the rubbing of the Lamp does bring those childhood memories back. Will Smith as the Blue Genie, could have had more screen time, since he suited this role to the perfect T. The film gets a 2 and half Star recommendation.  Courtesy Awesome TV & BEING FILMY.

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