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By Arun Sajnani

ARTICLE 15 – India as a country and as a nation is evolving, and progressing fast, but at the same time in rural villages and places primarily up in the North, like UP, Haryana, and in the interiors, you get to see a different India. A more feudal India, that follows a 2,000 year old mindset, where even today they follow the caste system mentality. It is 2019, and it is about time everyone should treat each other as equals. 

   Director, Anubhav Sinha of “Mulk” fame has found his comfort zone in making such thought provoking films. Actor Ayushmann Khurrana, as IPS officer – Ayan Ranjan, has been transferred to a new post in a UP village, where he disrupts the peace and harmony there. Things are not what they seem there. As things unfold slowly, pertaining to 2 teen girls that were gang raped, murdered, and hung. This was to teach them, and their community to stay within their limits, as they have come from a low caste group. Like one of the suspects says to the officer…”Aukaat Wahi Jo Hum Dete Hain… ” In this present time, to say such things is shameful. 

   The film is a wake up call for society to change such mentality fast, before it corrupts us completely. Ayushmann Khurranna delivers a mature and serious performance that deserves an applause. He has done it with sincerity, rather than a macho hero would do. Along with him – Manoj Pawha & Kumud Mishra are exceptional, and are real in their police officer’s roles. 

   There are so many scenes that make you think, and one thought that gets me was the scene of the page of “ARTICLE 15” that Actor Ayushmann puts up in the office. Its was part of the Indian Constitution published in 1950, which describes that everyone has the right to work, and vote, be treated equally with respect, and even at the workplace, but the fact is – that is not the case. This is 2019 now. C’mon everyone… 

Go take a look at this film. “ARTICLE 15” gets a 3 star recommendation. Courtesy Awesome TV & BEING FILMY.

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