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By Arun Sajnani

YESTERDAY – You must hand it to Director Danny Boyle to be innovative with subjects that he brings on screen. From “Slumdog Millionaire”, he now brings you a film that really pays homage to “The Beatles”, in the beautifully apt film called, “YESTERDAY”, which features British Indian actor – Hemanshu Patel & Lily James.

   The film shows an aspiring songwriter-singer-musician, who wants to pursue a career, as a rock performer, but works on the side in a wholesale club to make a living. Hemanshu debuts as “Jack Malik”, who has a dear friend, named Elly, played by Lily James that is his fan first, and then his manager. She wants him to follow his dreams, but his 10 year struggle is coming to an end. Until a global blackout happens, and he gets hit by a bus.

   Then things change, and he starts singing songs written by the legendary group – “The Beatles”. Surprisingly no one has heard of them, and on Google, they do not even exist. So what does he do?…He gets famous by claiming it as his own work, and makes a lot of money. But he is not true to himself and to the girl he loves.

   To know more and see what unfolds, then you have to go and see the film. One big shout out goes out to Kate Mckinion of SNL fame. She as his L.A. music agent is hilarious, and believable. This cute film gets 3 stars. Enjoy!!! Courtesy Awesome TV & BEING FILMY.

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