ATTACK – Part 1 – Film Review

Awesome TV · April 01, 2022 · Movie Reviews, News · 0 comments

ATTACK – Part 1” is a masala caper about a Indian Army soldier that gets shot, and loses the love of his life, played by Jacqueline Fernandez, during a terrorist attack at the airport in Delhi. Soldier Arjun Shergill, played by John Abraham, is now paralyzed from the neck down. It is now up to top security army personnel, played by Prakash Raj, who wants this new technology chip to be developed and be embedded into a soldier, to prevent anymore collateral damage to the Indian Army.

It is up Rakul Preet Singh the scientist who has come up with technology that get experimented on John Abraham. He has bioni-roboti power, and can beat the crap out of anyone.

The concept is novel, and yes the film is loosely borrowed ideas from various films from Hollywood like, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Minority Report”, Olympus Has Fallen”, and even “Robocop”. But the way the film has been executed goes to full marks to young debutant director, Lakshya Raj Anand, for his visualization.

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