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By Arun Sajnani

“BHARAT”…which is a film inspired by a Korean film called “Ode To My Father” is a film that deals with idealism and human sentiments that many can identify with. Set on the back drop of India’s Partition in 1947, many families lost their loved ones, and some were separated. The film shows Salman Khan as a simple man whose life spans 70 years, and shows how he leads his life by taking care of his family, and being responsible.

   He is passionate person who loves his country – India. But somewhere the train of thought gets lost in translation by Director – Ali Abbas Zafar.It could have been better. However, it does have indeed some mixed bag of emotions that will touch your hearts. You will get that feeling of remembering your elders, parents, and people you have cared for through various walks of life.

   It is that nostalgic philosophical touch that will make you want to see this film. The ending dialogue by Jackie Shroff telling his son, played by Salman Khan on why he named him “BHARAT” is the trump card of the film.

    As for Salman Khan fans, you will enjoy it, and he is inform in many jobs that he takes on in his journey. As for his leading lady played by Katrina Kaif is good in parts, but lacking that maturity for the role as she gets older in the 2nd half of the film. Her hairstyle becomes to appear like that Sufi singer “Abida Parveen”.

   As for Disha Pattani in a cameo – is absolutely HOT!! – As the Circus trapeze artist. Her character and the love interest in the earlier years between her and Salman appears to have been edited and short lived I feel.

   In addition Satish Kaushik is hilarious in his small role, and as for Sunil Grover, who plays Salman’s side kick friend – gives a natural performance. The backdrop and the partition era has been well executed, but could have been much more. Overall the film gets 3 stars. Courtesy Awesome TV & BEING FILMY

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