Chandrayaan-2: India’s Orbiter-Lander-Rover Mission

Awesome TV · July 22, 2019 · News · 0 comments

By Awesome TV

Chandrayaan-2: India’s Orbiter-Lander-Rover Mission

India has successfully launched the Chandrayaan-2 mission on July 22, 2019. The mission will send an orbiter, lander and rover to explore the moon’s south pole.

The Indian space agency said the major activities include earth bound manoeuvres, the trans-lunar insertion, lunar-bound manoeuvres, the lander’s separation from Chandrayaan-2 and its touchdown on the moon’s South Pole.

The Isro said the trans-lunar insertion of Chandrayaan-2 is scheduled on August 14, which will send the spacecraft to the moon, which it will reach by August 20.

The lander Vikram will land on the moon on September 7.

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