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By Arun Sajnani

JUDGEMENTAL HAI KYA – It has the feel of “Spy Vs Spy” – “He Said…She Said…”, and the “Whodunnit” theme all wrapped up in one, in a film, called – “JUDGEMENTALL HAI KYA”. This never judge a book by its cover story concept has been shown in many various movies before, but this time it has been infused with innovative freshness, thanks to the scripting and story by Kanika Dhillon.

   The acting by Kangna Ranaut & Raj Kumar Rao is superb, witty and funny, with shades of dark humor. The story revolves around a girl named Bobby Batla Grewal. She is half Parsi, and half Punjabi, who loses her family at young age, which caused her trauma. She is a bit off and not fully there.You could say she is “Mental”. I personally think the original titles of the film – “MENTAL HAI KYA” – should have been retained.

   Back to the story now. She does movie dubbing for a living in Hindi for South Indian films, and she imagines that she is those characters in real life. She will make a story that is not true real, and that is what gets her in a mess. One fine day, a couple moves in her apartment, as she is the landlord who needs a tenant. She finds something unusual about the husband, played by Raj Kumar Rao. She feels he is up to no good. But who is telling the truth?, and who is the bad seed in the story?. Is Kangna? Or is it Keshav? – The neighbor, played by Rao. Well I won’t spoil it by giving you the answer. You will have to see it at the movies. But the film towards then end loses its grip on the audience.

   Things could have been presented more tighter and proper. It gets a bit predictable and far fetched, and over the top. Plus the whole Ramayan theme presented from a woman’s introspect could have been explored better. Overall the film style is fresh, and has some great sequences, but I wish it would have gone smoothly till the end. The film gets a 3 star recommendation. Courtesy Awesome TV & BEING FILMY.

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