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CRUELLA – Movie Review

Awesome TV · May 28, 2021 · Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

CRUELLA – Disney has matured up with its content, or is it to cater to older kids now?? . Just released in theaters last week, and for purchase on the Disney Jr App for streaming is, “CRUELLA”. Starring Emma stone and Emma Thomson. The film is kind of like the prequel of “101 Dalmations”.

   The narrative is simple. a young child sees that her mother has been pushed off a cliff, by an evil lady who is very prominent in the fashion world. This disturbs her, as she now becomes an orphan. As she grows up as “Cruella”, she and along with two friends become petty criminals, and steal things for their fancy.

   But “Cruella”, played by Emma Stone shares her desire to work for the Fashion Goddess – “The Baroness”, played by Emma Thomson. Her friends set up for her, that dream to come true, and gets her that job at the company. Things unravel to her dismay later on. That twist is what you have to see in the end.

   Put it this way some become bad, or have a negative streak in them because something went wrong in their life. You could kind of say “CRUELLA” is like a female  – “Joker”, that released a few years back.

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