Awesome TV · May 28, 2021 · Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

A QUIET PLACE PART II – Remember you still have to tippy-toe and walk barefoot into the wilderness to fend for yourselves and your family. Just one crack of sound, and those Aliens will destroy you.

   After a year delay, finally the sequel comes out onto the big screen. “A QUIET PLACE II”, directed by John Krasinski, continues this subject, where his real life wife, Emily Blunt leads the way to protect her children from these horrible monsters that have destroyed most of the population in the world. She is a widow now perhaps, but her hope is still strong. She still thinks her husband may be alive. But it is her daughter that pursues the mission to find a radio airwave to use her father’s knowledge, that enables her to find a way to destroy these ferocious creatures from earth. A frequency of a radios sound airwave is their weakness.

   John Krasinski who also plays the Patriarch of the family executes this film like Spielberg would do. It is an absolute thrill ride, and it keeps you more on the edge of your seat this time around. The thrills and the pacing is superb. Cillian Murphy as the good samaritan neighbor is apt. But it is Emily Blunt all the way. Her fear and her resilience to protect her family, with those tremor like emotions on her face, is pitch perfect for her character as the mother. Finally we have biggie movie to see in the theaters for Memorial Day weekend!!! The film gets a 3 and half star recommendation. Enjoy!!

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