DASVI – Film Review

Awesome TV · April 07, 2022 · Movie Reviews, News · 0 comments

DASVI – Actor Abhishek Bachchan gives an earnest and sincere performance that he borrows from his dad’s character in “Namak Halaal”, including the simpleton goon posture from Sanjay Dutt’s – “Munna Bhai MBBS” – to make his character full of life as “Gangaram Chaudary”.

He is entertaining and lovable in “DASVI”. It is never too late to educate yourself is the theme of this movie. The story is about a politician who serves some time in jail due to some corruption charges, and in the meantime his wife, played by Nimrat Kaur, takes over the the Chief Minister’s position while he is away.

Yami Gautam plays the strict jailor, that disciplines the politician played by Abhishek Bachchan. In the meantime, he wishes to educate himself, while in jail, so that he can better himself, and better govern his state. Its a cute film with good acting.

But the content, and the narrative. is weak. Here I wish the story could have been stronger. But nevertheless “DASVI” is film where the acting by Abhishek, Yami Gautam & Nimrat Kaur shine above the theme.

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