AMBULANCE – Film Review

Awesome TV · April 08, 2022 · Movie Reviews, News · 0 comments

AMBULANCE – Good always conquers Bad. But what if the bad guys have a head start, and create havoc along the way? – “AMBULANCE” is the new film from Michael Bay’s production house. The film is a Bank heist that goes all wrong, with an Ambulance thrown in for the chase throughout the freeways of L.A.

The movie is slickly made as always with those great arial shots, that Bay’s film are known for. The action is adrenaline thumping with cars getting smashed along the way. Jake Gylenhall leads his heist with his gang with great detail. His brother from another mother, played Yahya-Abdu Mateen needs money for his wife’s experimental surgery, since he has no insurance. With great restrain, he finally gives into Gylenhall’s request, and joins the bank heist job.

The film entertains, and is fast paced. The film keeps you on the edge throughout, when these 2 jump into an “AMBULANCE”, and keep the wounded cop and the triage nurse as hostages, so that they can escape. Gylenhall’s performance as the good looking bad guy, that is always close to loosing his temper, and mindest, keeps on going and is relentless. The film is predictable, yet it does not bore you.

I am surprised this John Abraham production does not have much publicity, but the concept and action, including the special effects makes “ATTACK – Part 1” and fast paced thrill ride of an action film, about a super soldier. “

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