DEATH IN THE NILE – Movie Review

Awesome TV · February 11, 2022 · Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

DEATH IN THE NILE – After many delays due to the pandemic, the long awaited next episode of Agatha Christie’s suspense novel comes to life on the Big Screen. “DEATH ON THE NILE”, Directed by Kenneth Branagh once again, and he plays the role of Poirot the French detective once again as well…is all set out on another adventure in Egypt. This time it takes place on a chartered boat for a honeymoon that he has been invited to attend.
   Like “Murder On The Orient Express”, a murder takes place and things unfold after. There are secrets, betrayal, resentment among the guests, but why should it lead to murder? This time there is more sinister nature among the characters on the boat. That makes it more intriguing to watch than the previous one I felt.
   The visuals are breathtaking, and the setting during the 1930’s has been brilliantly filmed. From a huge great cast like, Gal gadot, Armie Hammer,Lezley Wright, Ali Fazal, Annette Bening, Tom Bateman, Kenneth Brannagh, this film should be watched at a theater near you.

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