MARRY ME – Movie Review

Awesome TV · February 11, 2022 · Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

MARRY ME – What a better way to take your date or family for a sweet film this Valentine’s Day. Check out “MARRY ME”, which stars Jennifer Lopez, Owen wilson & Maluma.
   The film is a simple kind of chick flick, A pop singer takes a leap of faith and picks a random guy to marry, when she finds out her singer boyfriend was cheating on her, just before they were going to propose live in concert.
Everything for her needs to be on a media platform, like Instagram, but when a simple divorced math teacher gets to be picked out, It becomes a situation, where two people that are so opposite collide. The file reminds you of “Notting Hill” 20 years back, but what makes the film sincere and earnest is Owen Wilson’s performance. He is just that simple nice guy character that he does so well.

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