Awesome TV · November 27, 2020 · Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

FABULOUS LIVES OF BOLLYWOOD WIVES – Get ready for a Reality- Based show like the ones that are produced here in America, by people like Ryan Seacrest. This time instead of Housewives of New Jersey, Atlanta, or California, you have a “Desi” concept, produced by… yes you guessed it – Karan Johar. Its called, “THE FABULOUS LIVES OF BOLLYWOOD LIVES”. It features, Bhavna Pandey – (Chunky Pandey’s wife), Maheep Kapoor – (Sanjay Kapoor’s wife), Seema Khan – (Sohail Khan’s wife), and Neelam Kothari -” Samir Soni’s wife).

   This first season takes you into an 8 part series into their lives and their 25 years of friendship. They go on trips to Paris, Doha, and they get catty with each other, but not enough to create a fire. At times you feel that this show appears fake and staged. Then you have Karan Johar that comes in like a mediator, and makes it like a episode from – “Koffee With Karan”.

   Yes they talk about nepotism and how it is unfair that they are labelling their offsprings to the media like that. I felt it was very white wash concept to add that to these Bollywood Wives narrative.

   On the other hand you do get to see SRK and Gauri Khan and some top additional guests in cameos, that will entertain you, but as the show progresses, you see these girls with their friendship appear at times, over the top, and artificial. Yes they appear vain as well. But at the same time while I cringed at some of the episodes, the show sucks you in like a vacuum in their stories,

   Personally I felt Neelam is the dignified and intelligent one from the lot. And yes she should come back to films. Her jewellery business can wait for now. Go take a look and you be judge for this concept. Now streaming on Netflix.

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