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By Arun Sajnani

INDIAN MATCHMAKING – After a long time I have been urged again and recommended by friends and family to check out this new mini – series on NETFLIX called – “INDIAN MATCHMAKING” – (Season 1). Yes it is indeed buzzworthy and is indeed trending for the audience to see.

   It shows this lady by the name of Sima Taparia, who is from Mumbai, India, and she is a well reputed Match-Maker. She has been doing this as a profession for quite some time now. She is modest, and tells it like it is. She does not promise anything but promises to find the best suitable matches for arranged marriages for boys and girls, as best as she can. Its indeed a challenge, and some people are still apprehensive about this even today. But if it works, than Mrs.Taparia will be personally great full, and states that she is just a medium for people to hopefully connect and find their match.

   When those who can’t find the right one on their own, than this is another way to find you soul-mate. And if your over 30, the time is ticking. Its funny, its real, some of us can to relate to it. Some of the NRI’s .or of Indian origin, or are American Citizen’s can be extreme in their wants and demands. Some appear complicated,indecisive, and demanding. But all in all, one gathers that any marriage – both sides and family, if involved need to adjust and compromise.That is the foundation of a perfect relationship.

   The thing to note in this series shows that not all introductions, and meet-up may not have a positive result. But those who are looking have the opportunity to seek her assistance with other selections. And for that realism, I respect that for me as a viewer. It was fun to see all kinds of characters, and you get to see their criteria’s and wants with no reservations. That is endearing and commendable. Do take a look. The series gets a 3 star recommendation. Courtesy Awesome TV & Being Filmy!

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