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JAYESHBHAI JORDAAR – India always progresses in science, and is moving forward, but still in rural parts, India still digresses. If it is a boy being born in your family, then that is great news. But if it is a girl, the family says to get rid of the girl, or abort. Heck even get rid of the girl and have your son re-marry to keep the family name going strong. 

    The film shows this lovable Gujrati guy, played by Ranveer Singh, who fights all odds, and goes against his backword parents played by Boman Irani and Ratna Pathak, to make sure his family is safe, and to make sure his wife bears their 2nd daughter safely in a nearby hospital. He really makes you forget he is Ranveer, and always gets into the skin of the character. 

    One thing I would like to mention every character has a substantial role to play in this film. New find Shalini Pandey is cute and naive in her portrayal, including the girl who plays their 9-year old daughter is a natural. The songs are average, and at times predictable, but Jayeshbhai is human and lovable. 

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