RUNWAY 34 – Film Review

Awesome TV · April 29, 2022 · Bollywood, Movie Reviews · 0 comments

RUNWAY 34” is a frame to frame copy of the 2012 Hollywood hit Denzel Washington film called “Flight”, that was directed Robert Zemekis. But I will give brownie points in direction by Ajay Devgn, for the adaptation of this version in a Bollywood style. His debut attempt with, “U, ME AUR HUM”, and later with “Shivaay” in 2016, may have not done well, but in this his execution and the expressions from the main characters are perfect in this film.

The story is about a pilot that saves all his passengers from a near fatal plane crash after being diverted to Trivindhuram during a cyclone. But that is just the beginning of the problems for Captain Vikrant Khanna, played by Ajay Devgn has to face. A pilot that was intoxicated is a formula for danger. When Amitabh Bachchan as Narayan Vedant from Aviation Association comes to investigate and summons him for interrogation is where the ploy thickens. Thus begins the intimidating cross-examination. And when you are being confronted by Big B, then you know what to expect.

The chemistry between Bachchan and Devgn with Ajay’s brooding eyes, along with Bachchan’s dialogues, will always engage you as an audience

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