JERSEY – Film Review

Awesome TV · April 28, 2022 · Bollywood, Movie Reviews, News · 0 comments

JERSEY – Cricket meets “Baghban” in “JERSEY”. I felt Shahid Kapur looked like a mellower version of himself from “Kabir Singh” in this film. The acting of Shahid Kapur is very good. but the film tries to show the concept of the game in addition to its narrative. As a result the film feels a little bit too long to sit through.

The narrative should have focused only on the relationship between his wife, and his son. The frustrations of an all rounder cricket player that does not make the cut and ends up following a common mans life of having a government job, also gets destroyed by being allegedly caught for bribery.

Being dejected and unemployed does take a toll on a person. But everyone needs a second chance, but at what cost. Mrunal Thakkar, and Pankaj Kapur give an endearing performance as well, but the story could have been more stronger.

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