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By Arun Sajnani

MISSION MANGAL – Finally a film that deals with Space and Mars comes from Bollywood, and it is small achievement. Hats off to Producer R. Balki & Akshay Kumar, and the entire cast, including the director, Jagan Shakti to deliver a well conceived subject based on true events, this film called “MISSION MANGAL”.

   For me it was very surprising to know that it was India that succeeded on its first launch in sending its satellite to Mars in 2014, Before NASA -(USA) – Soviet Union, and China, it was India first. Yes India was the first to do it. The whole project has its humor as well, of what struggles did the team had to face at “ISRO”, which stands for “Indian Space Research Organisation”. The budget was 2/3 less than what the U.S paid to do the same a few years later.    Many female scientists were at the forefront of making this dream project come true. Vidya Balan is exceptional in her role. Her solutions on launching the rocket into orbit, comes from frying Indian “Poori’s” at less fire and gas. That secret formula is definitely working for the film. The effects and visuals are of Hollywood caliber, and the film is a Must See!!. Go see it. The film gets a 3 and half star recommendation. Courtesy Awesome TV & BEING FILMY.

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