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By Arun Sajnani,

SECRET SUPERSTAR – Long live the girl child once again. One should never repress their own children’s desire to fulfill their dream. If they have sheer talent, or something they have potential to strive for, then they should be encouraged by their parents to do so.

    Generations before, and even today some children come from a strict and backward way of upbringing, where their dreams can be shattered. Today girls and daughters should be treated with equality as well in order to aspire their goals as well. And in this Aamir Khan’s home production this moral message has been well portrayed by director, Advait Chauhan in “SECRET SUPERSTAR”.

    Young Zaira Wasim who played the young wrestler part in “Dangal”, is blooming to be a very natural and fine actress in her second film. As for Aamir Khan who comes post interval will put a smile on your face. His over the top character as a Music Composer named, Shakti Kumarr will put a smile on your face. He reminds you of an amalgamation of various stars like, Salman Khan mixed with Jazzy B, and mixed with Himesh Reshammiya’s cockiness.

   He is all of these elements in one character. He is there to mentor the young singer Insia, played by Zaira Wasim from Baroda, India. He has faith in her and wants to make her a star that should be known to the public with open arms. He wants her to be free,and her talent should not be hidden, but rather be there for the public to see and be appreciated.

   The film is an instant classic that should be enjoyed by the entire family. The film gets a 4 star recommendation. Enjoy!!  Courtesy Awesome TV & BEING FILMY.

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