THE LAST DUEL – Movie Review

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By Arun Sajnani

THE LAST DUEL – The film shows three perspectives that finally leads you to the truth in – “THE LAST DUEL”. Directed by Ridley Scott of “Gladiator”, fame he excels in such period subjects. 

   Set in the 14th Century France, the film is based on true events, and stars, Matt Damon, Jodie Comer, Adam Driver, and Ben Affleck. The film shows how violent the battles use to be. The realistic approach is gruesome. Damon plays Jean De Garrouges, a noble knight that gets married for the 2nd time. But certain things have been taken form him by his friend that has turned for, played by Adam Driver as Jacques Le Gris. De Gris played by Driver appears to be in a comfortable relationship with the count, played by Ben Affleck, who has now respect for the the Knight. 

   The film is relevant for women even today. Yes women have come far from the lack of freedom they had during the medieval times, but still face obstacles in seeking justice for them. The topic of rape would be considered blasphemy if a women would have mentioned it then. If there was no proof, or alie, then they would lashed, shackled and be burnt alive.

   If the king rejected the case, an appeal had to be made to church for a trial. To be vindicated, Matt Damon’s character requests to have a duel. If he survives the battle, than, he would be victorious and his wife would be telling the truth, and be saved. 

   The film is very compelling to watch. The climax of the duel is intense. The whole cast is perfect, but Matt Damon stands out with his rage and frustrations in his performance. 

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