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By Arun Sajnani

THE MULE – Got to hand it to Veteran Legendary Star – Clint Eastwood to act and direct at the age of 90. God bless his soul. After enjoying his work in the later years, like in, “Grand Torrino”, then I am sure you all must put this new film on your list called, “THE MULE”.

   The film tells the story of a man who is going through dire straits. He is alone and is facing foreclosure on his business, 90-year-old horticulturist Earl Stone takes a job as a drug courier for a Mexican cartel. At first it is easy money and seems safe, until the things get shaken up in the cartel, where changes are made, and rules become more challenging to follow. He does this for getting out of debt, and saving money for his family that he has lost connection with during his ups and downs.

   The film shows his character coming to a fork in the road where he must decide to either focus on this dangerous job, or instead be able to rekindle his lost time with his family that he abandoned. Things do get off track, when he makes a mistake, and the DEA agents are on the drug cartels trail, and his trail as well.

   Eastwood is suave and delivers a compelling performance even at the age of 90. Lawrence Fishburne, Bradley Cooper, and Andy Garcia are indeed a bonus to watch as well in “THE MULE”. You gotta say “Dirty Harry” is built to last. The film gets a 3 and a half star recommendation. Enjoy!!  Courtesy Awesome TV & BEING FILMY.

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