VENOM – Movie Review

Awesome TV · October 01, 2021 · Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

VENOM – LET THERE BE CARNAGE – When “Venom” came out a few years back with Tom Hardy in the  lead role, it developed a cult following, just like MARVEL’S – “Deadpool”, and now finally the sequel has arrived with much fanfare. “VENOM-Let There Be Carnage” is fast paced and entertaining. 

   All of us would like an alter – ego that is a superhero. An embiotic force that has come light years away to seek a home in a human being can be schizophrenic at times, but for Tom Hardy as the journalist, Ed Brach, he excels in this character who wants only the truth and justice to be told in the right way. The banter between Venom and Tom as Ed is funny. 

   This time it is Woody Harrelson as the Villain serial killer that has escaped from San Quentin jail. Now it is the next battle for Venom to the right thing. What I liked about this sequel was that they lightly dabbled in the theme of relationships, and how one should be honest and upfront in how we feel towards each other. As a society we tend hold back our true thoughts at times. The pain of loss and letting go can even make the strength of any superhero weak, but one has to continue to be strong and resilient in life. 

   The film has all the action you need, and great unpredictable lines with scenarios that make you feel satisfied. But wait…there is more….Is “VENOM’ going to meet Spider-Man this December?? For more on that you will have to see the movie in the theaters.

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