VOYAGERS – Movie Review

Awesome TV · April 09, 2021 · Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

VOYAGERS  Yes folks now only theaters is a film I saw last week called, “VOYAGERS” is a new science-fiction film, that gets you thinking as well as it entertains you.

   Colin Farrell leads the cast. As we see the pandemic taking place and Global Warming that is happening in real life here on earth, sets the plot for this film. The earth is heating up and the population needs to migrate to a new and safer planet. In order to do so test tube infants need to be born and nurtured without any parenting, or having any parents on this space mission.

   It will take 86 years to get to that earth like planet. As they grow old on the ship, it will be their children that will actually be able to be migrating, and making that planet habitable. In the meantime emotions let loose when their drinking content gets infected. All the boys and girls become uninhibited in their emotions.

   Chaos breaks, lines are drawn. Fake news happens. It feels like Republicans and the Democrats are fighting each other on issues in space now amongst these new breeds of youths. Who will lead the crew to the right destination?? – Go check it out. The film gets a 3 star recommendation.

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