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WONDERWOMAN 84 – Movie Review

Awesome TV · December 25, 2020 · Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

WONDERWOMAN 84 – Make a wish and it will come true. Instead of a Genie in a bottle, you make that wish from this “Kryptonite” kind of object, that has come from Wonder Woman’s hometown from another universe perhaps. It has been especially been discovered at the Smithsonian Museum in D.C. This artifact is under review and to be investigated.

   This sequel – “WW84” is such a drag and a bore. Director Patty Jenkins has derailed this film off the tracks for a joyride that disappoints the audience. Even the setting of the 80’s with the look and the “Reagan Era” is just a backdrop that dissolves in the background. The concept of making a wish and wanting something better for oneself, instead of making it a greed, can be evil to us all. Also remembering the past and remembering lost loved ones in the present, has been added, which gets lost in the poor script and acting by all.

   Yes Gal Gadot is beautiful and athletic. She looks the part of “Wonder Woman”, after Lynda Carter. But having her co-stars like Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig & Pedro Pascal are either sleepwalking in their character or are over the top with bad accents. I am surprised why “Rotten Tomatoes” gave it a high rating. I thing its fake news. Overall the film is bummer, slated for a Christmas release on HBO Max, and at your local theaters.

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