WRATH OF MAN – Movie Review

Awesome TV · May 07, 2021 · Movie Reviews · 0 comments

By Arun Sajnani

WRATH OF MAN – You may have wealth, luxury, and power, but when you loose something of your own that is so precious, you then get to see another side of a “MAN”. The new film buy Guy Ritchie called, “WRATH OF MAN”, with Jason Statham is greatly entertaining.

   A simple vendetta story, but the way the film has been narrated and visualized is the trump card of this film. When a bank heist goes wrong and good guys get caught into the crossfire, all things go upside down in Statham’s characters life. He joins and gets a job in the armored car business, to see if there is any inside jobs,, where he is loosing his valuable money laundering shipments. He goes into the job as a good guy who is looking for answers, and finding a way to clean up the mess. The film is fun to watch, if you like action. The film gets a 3 star recommendation.

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